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Universal Basic Income: Is Now the Time?

Catherine Kaufman, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives On March 27, President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill (the CARES Act)—the largest in U.S. history. The bill includes a provision to send a $1,200 check to every adult who makes under $75,000 a year, designed to help citizens cope with the coronavirus outbreak and dull its […]

Op-Ed: Helicopter Money Is Not the Solution to the COVID-19 Panic

The following is an op-ed and does not necessarily reflect the views of Policy Perspectives or the Trachtenberg school. Madison Grady, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives In the midst of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States, policy experts have been weighing in on ways the government can soften the extensive economic harm […]

Liquidity Concerns and the Fed’s Expanding Role in the Repo Market

Kim Wilson, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Since Sept. 2019, financial markets reporting has covered turmoil in the repo market. Not to be confused with cars being repossessed for nonpayment, the repo market refers to exchanges of reserves that fund day-to-day financial operations. Short for repurchase agreement, a “repo” is a short-term, collateralized loan that banks and other […]

Let’s Get Real: Perspectives on the Fed’s Real-Time Payment Processing Initiative

Kim Wilson, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently announced plans to develop a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system. FedNow ServiceSM will facilitate the instantaneous transfer of funds between financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. Currently, the process of transferring funds from an originator to a recipient can take several days, leaving consumers hanging […]