Join Our Team!

Executive Board Positions

Executive positions at Policy Perspectives for the 2020-21 academic year are now closed.

Staff Positions

Check back in the fall for more staff positions for the journal, blog, and podcast! These positions are unpaid.

Podcast Producer

The podcast producer will work closely with the Executive Editor to manage the WonkCast scheduling and booking throughout the school year. Apply here by July 31, 2020.

Responsibilities (divided/shared with Executive Editor):

  • Hire WonkCast staff (hosts and editors)
  • Work with staff to set a recording/release schedule throughout the year (biweekly)
  • Host training/practice session(s) at the beginning of the year for hosts and editors to ensure quality of episodes
  • Manage task completion for hosts and editors
  • Book podcast interviewees in advance
  • Ensure quality of episodes
  • Market podcast on social media and other methods
  • Adapt to COVID-19 guidelines set by GW as well as safety concerns from podcast staff


  • Current or incoming student in the Trachtenberg School graduating no sooner than May 2021
  • Management and/or administrative experience
  • Awareness of scheduling and booking procedures (experience preferred)
  • Experience with podcasts preferred but not required

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