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Policy Perspectives, the Trachtenberg School’s student-run journal, is now accepting applications for leadership positions for the 2017-18 academic year! All master’s students graduating no earlier than May 2018 are welcome to apply. We are accepting application for the following positions:

Event Coordinator.

Social Media Manager.

Print Journal: Associate Editors. Layout and Design Editor. Authors.

Blog: Deputy Editor. Staff Writers.

WonkCast: co-Hosts. Moderator. Producer. Editor.

The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 15. To apply, please complete the Volume 25 Staff Application, where you will indicate the position(s) for which you wish to be considered. Please see the application form for instructions specific to each position.

Submit an article for the print journal in our separate application here.

Questions? Email us at for questions regarding the Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Layout and Design Editor, and Associate Editor positions. Email us at for questions regarding the blog and WonkCast positions.

Full job descriptions can be found below:

Event Coordinator

(Volunteer Position)

The Event Coordinator reports to the Editor-in-Chief and is responsible for working with both internal and external stakeholders to plan, fund, and manage the execution of events. 


  • Plans all Policy Perspectives events, including the journal launch, happy hours, conference attendance, and a live WonkCast taping in the spring. For each event, duties include but are not limited to booking the space, coordinating catering, printing flyers and handouts, and promotion including event invitations, social media posts, and inclusion in Trachtenberg listserves and emails. Works with Policy Perspectives leadership team to plan each event.
  • Works with TSO, GW Student Association, GW campus offices, and external partners for event planning, including securing funding, reserving space, and developing programming.
  • Manages event execution with a high degree of professionalism.
  • Total time commitment: 2-3 hours per week, with additional time leading up to events semester. Workload heavier in the spring.

Social Media Manager

(Volunteer Position)

The Social Media Manager is responsible for all Policy Perspectives social media accounts, coordinating with the leadership to meet the needs of the blog, print journal, and the WonkCast. 


  • Manages Policy Perspectives social media accounts (currently Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) with regular updates about Policy Perspectives events. Posts about each blog once a piece is completed. Works to expand account outreach by connecting with Trachtenberg students and staff, other schools’ policy journals and blogs, and other identified audiences.
  • Coordinates with all leadership to advertise staff positions and solicit writing submissions.
  • Publicizes Policy Perspectives events and staff attendance at external events.
  • Identifies new opportunities for social media engagement.
  • ManagesWonkCast social media accounts with regular updates about the pod and policy news. Connects with relevant policy actors and think tanks on WonkCast social media accounts. Posts about each episode on Facebook and Twitter. Works with Producer and Blog Executive Editor on marketing and promotion.
  • Total time commitment: 3-4 hours per week.

Print Journal: Author

(Volunteer Position)

Whether you are a student or alum, MPA or MPP, PhD or certificate, if you are a T-Berger, you are eligible to submit an article! We do not have specific length or content requirements, but we suggest reviewing past articles on our website to get a sense of what might be appropriate. We particularly recommend ensuring that your topic has not already been covered in recent volumes of Policy Perspectives.

You may only submit one article for consideration. Furthermore, in order to review submissions as fairly as possible, we ask that you submit your article anonymously. To do so:

  1. Upload your article through this form with your name(s) and any other identifying information removed from the file.
  2. Send an email with your name(s) and article title to with the subject line “Volume 25 Article Submission.”

Print Journal: Associate Editor

(Volunteer Position)

Associate Editors work with an assigned author to thoroughly edit a piece so it is fit for the print journal.


  • Works with assigned author to thoroughly edit a writing piece over several rounds. Edits piece for writing mechanics such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and active/passive voice. Fact-checks sources and ensures citations are accurately and clearly quoted and paraphrased. Reviews writing for correct use of Chicago Style citations. Provides basic content feedback to author as necessary.
  • Must attend editing workshops (2-3 during fall).
  • Total time commitment: varies; 5-10 hours per week at peak times/rounds October-March.

Print Journal: Layout and Design Editor

(Volunteer Position)

The Layout and Design Editor is responsible for designing and editing the print journal of Policy Perspectives, including the cover and its contents. 


  • Reports to Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor. Collaborates with leadership to develop the print journal design using Adobe InDesign. Designs a cover for the journal by pitching ideas to journal leadership and submitting InDesign drafts. Adjusts last years’ print layout as desired. Designs graphics for the journal including tables and charts. Formats completed journal articles into the layout of the journal. Reviews and edits final completed pages with journal leadership. Submits journal to the printer and adjusts files as necessary.
  • Total time commitment: Workload is heavier in the layout design phase. About 2-3 hours per week to design the cover (Jan-Feb), and about 10-15 hours per week to design the journal contents (for a few weeks in March once articles are complete).

Blog: Deputy Editor

(Volunteer Position)

As a Deputy Editor, you will work with a dedicated team of 3-4 staff writers to produce content for the blog. This position reports to the Executive Editor. Multiple Deputy Editors will be selected.


  • Works with 3-4 staff writers to edit four blogs per staff writer each year. Uses Google Docs to edit and proof each blog post twice. Reviews blogs for grammatical clarity and accurateness, checking hyperlinked sources. Helps Staff Writers refine blog ideas. Provides feedback to Staff Writers in a timely fashion. Follows a publishing schedule.
  • Assists Executive Editor with various tasks, as needed, such as editing extra submitted pieces.
  • Total time commitment: Four hours a week for each scheduled week of editing (four hours a semester).

Blog: Staff Writer

(Volunteer Position)

As a Staff Writer, you will write four blog pieces over the year according to a publishing schedule. This position reports to the Executive Editor.


  • Writes four blogs a year (two a semester) on topics of choice. Each blog is about 500 words in length. Completes two rounds of edits by the Deputy Editor for each piece. Submits graphic ideas. Works with Deputy Editor to develop the concept of the blog pieces.
  • Total time commitment: About five hours per blog for four blogs per year.

WonkCast: co-Host

(Volunteer Position)

co-Hosts are regular contributors to the WonkCast policy podcast, which is released biweekly. This position reports to the WonkCast Producer.


  • Meets biweekly to record the Wonkcast. Reads provided materials on guest topics and researches their contributions for other segments in advance. Prepares for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly segment. Helps promote the show, including tabling and handing out promotional materials.
  • Total time commitment: 3-4 hours biweekly.

WonkCast: Moderator

(Volunteer Position)

In addition to being a co-Host, the Moderator plays the leading role in each episode. This position reports to the WonkCast Producer.


  • Guides conversation for each episode, including thoroughly researching the topic and preparing questions for the guest speaker. Introduces speakers and ensures that each co-Host has a chance to speak. Pauses conversation to fact-check as necessary.
  • Total time commitment: 1.5 hours biweekly in addition to co-Host commitments.

WonkCast: Producer

(Volunteer Position)

The Producer is manages the logistics for the WonkCast and coordinates the activities of WonkCast staff. This position reports to the Executive Editor.


  • Creates and maintains the schedule for the Wonkcast. Books guests and prepares them to be on the show, including sending guidelines for topic content, preparation, and GW radio rules. Corresponds with guest speakers to refine topics and obtain helpful background sources. Communicates schedule and topics to Co-Hosts and disseminates reading material from the guests to the Co-Hosts.
  • Listens to drafts of the show from the Editor and provides timely feedback. Compiles sources used by the co-Hosts to list in the episode’s post.
  • Updates and maintains budget and coordinates ordering materials. Liaises with Faculty and Faculty Advisor as necessary.
  • Total time commitment: 4-5 hours biweekly in addition to Co-Host commitments, if applicable.

WonkCast: Editor

(Volunteer Position)

The Editor edits each episode of the WonkCast. This position reports to the WonkCast Producer.


  • Edits the episode to create a draft ready for review,including removing awkward pauses and off-topic conversation. Reviews for inappropriate language and checks that reported information is correct. Keeps episode in suggested time frame of 30-40 minutes. Rearranges discussion as necessary to improve logical flow and clarity. Uses Moderator/Producer edits to amend episode and prepare for final release. Coordinates sending final draft to the Brief Policy Perspectives Executive Editor and Communications Director for posting. Total time commitment: 4 hours biweekly in addition to Co-Host commitments, if applicable. Time commitment may vary depending upon editing experience.


All Trachtenberg School master’s students graduating no earlier than May 2018 are welcome to  apply. However, we will give preference to applicants with prior Policy Perspectives experience, including Associate Editors, Deputy Editors, Staff Writers, and authors.



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