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Join Policy Perspectives!

Policy Perspectives is accepting applications for spring co-host positions on our bi-weekly podcast (GW WonkCast) and weekly live show with WRGW (Above the Fold). These positions have the potential to be extended into the fall 2019 semester, if desired.

To Apply: 

Please send an email with the subject line “WonkCast Co-host Application” to containing the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • GWU Email
  • Trachtenberg degree program (MPP, MPA, ENRP, PhD)
  • Position you are applying for (WonkCast co-host or Above the Fold co-host)
  • Your resume
  • A recorded “Below the Fold” segment. Choose a recent policy issue of interest to you (preferably an issue that has not been in the headlines) and report on it for two to four minutes. mp3 files preferred. Please see a recent GW WonkCast episode for an example.

Applications are due by Monday, January 21 at 11:59 PM.

These positions are only open to Masters and PhD students currently enrolled in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at the George Washington University.

Note that a crucial element of the application involves recording a Below the Fold segment. You do not need professional audio equipment to record your segment and can simply record an MP3 using your phone or computer microphone. Audio quality will not be taken into account in acceptance decisions (so long as your segment is intelligible). Listen to past WonkCast episodes here for examples.

WonkCast Open Position Descriptions: 


(Volunteer Position)

Co-Hosts are regular contributors to the WonkCast policy podcast, which is released biweekly. Responsibilities include meeting biweekly to record the WonkCast, reading provided materials on guest topics and researching their contributions for other segments in advance, preparing for Below the Fold segments, and helping to promote the show. Also makes guest appearances on Above the Fold live show, if desired.

Total time commitment: 3-4 hours biweekly.

Live Show Co-Host

(Volunteer Position)

The Live Show Co-Host will participate in a weekly live taping of Above the Fold, a WonkCast collaboration with WRGW District Radio. Responsibilities include meeting weekly at the WRGW District Radio studio (on campus) for a live taping of the show, researching material and discussion points pertinent to the episode’s theme, and helping promote the show.

Total time commitment: 2 hours weekly (1 hour to prepare for the episode and 1 hour for taping) in addition to Co-Host commitments, if applicable.

Please email us at with any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications!

Associate Editor, Staff Writer, and Associate Editor positions have closed for the 2018-2019 academic year. 


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