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Applications for Policy Perspectives, the Trachtenberg School’s student-run journal and policy blog, are currently closed for the 2021-2022 academic year, and will re-open in fall of 2022. All master’s students graduating no earlier than May 2023 are welcome to apply. These positions are unpaid. Applicants can apply to more than one position.

We are accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Print Journal: Associate Editors
    • Associate editors will work one-on-one with a single writer for the academic journal. Associate editors meet monthly editing deadlines to ensure their writer’s piece meets all academic guidelines set by the Trachtenberg School in order to achieve peer-reviewed status. Associate editors also work closely with a faculty member.
  • Blog: Deputy Editors, Staff Writers
    • Deputy editors work with the Executive Editor of the blog and submit initial edits for the blog staff writers. Deputy editors are responsible for 2-3 writers for the academic year. Each writer submits two pieces in the fall and two in the spring (approx. 500-800 words). 
    • Staff writers for the blog produce four policy briefs for the year (two in the fall and two in the spring). Pieces typically run between 500-800 words with exceptions granted. Pieces should remain nonpartisan in nature, but occasionally, we do allow for a more subjective op-ed.

Policy Perspectives is also the home of one of GW’s only student-run podcast, WonkCast! Trachtenberg students host roundtable discussions on a broad range of policy topics with regular contributors and special guests on this biweekly pod, and you can get involved too! WonkCast is recruiting returning and incoming master’s students for the following positions:

  • Producer, Co-Hosts
    • The Producer will work closely with the Executive Editor to manage the WonkCast scheduling and booking throughout the school year. Responsibilities include working with staff to set a recording/release schedule, planning episodes, and ensuring quality of the podcast.
    • Podcast hosts will create and revise content for the GW Wonkcast. Each episode will focus on a different policy area that interests the hosts and the producer. The Wonkcast will produce two episodes each month.

Questions? Email us at for questions regarding the print journal positions. Email us at for questions regarding the blog and WonkCast positions. We look forward to receiving your application!

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