Policy Perspectives represents the George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. It consists of three parts: a journal, a blog, and a podcast.

1. The Journal

Policy Perspectives is the public policy and public administration journal published by graduate students at the Trachtenberg School. It publishes scholarly articles on a wide range of topics important to public policy and aims to be accessible to interested readers within and outside the Trachtenberg community.

Contact us at polpersp@email.gwu.edu

2. The Blog

Brief Policy Perspectives is the student-run blog of Policy Perspectives.  Any current or former member of the Trachtenberg community can submit content to the blog. The blog features the following types of content:

  • Opinion and editorial pieces on existing or forthcoming policy and legislative proposals from agencies, government bodies, think tanks, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and INGOs.
  • Policy briefs
  • Article reviews
  • Event Recaps (speeches, debates, lectures, hearings, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Alumni and Faculty profiles

Contact us at briefpolicyperspectives@gmail.com

3. The Podcast

The GW WonkCast is the student-run podcast of the Trachtenberg School. A team of recurring co-Hosts invites guests to discuss wide-ranging policy topics of importance. The team leverages the knowledge and experience of Trachtenberg students to deliver thoughtful commentary and respectful dialogue on vital issues. Episodes are released biweekly.

Contact us at wonkcast@gmail.com

The views expressed in Policy Perspectives, Brief Policy Perspectives, and the GW WonkCast are solely those of the author of any given piece of content and in no way represent the approval of or an endorsement from the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, The George Washington University, or any employee of either institution. 

The Policy Perspectives website header logo was designed by Katherine Lundie, Trachtenberg MPP, and edited by Catherine Kaufman, Trachtenberg MPA and staff writer.

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