GW WonkCast S3E6-1: Below the Fold: Cuba Diplomats Follow Up, Tax Refund Fraud, and Tuition Aid in D.C.

Diplomats hearing cicadas, tax refund fraud, and potential cuts to a grant for tuition aid for D.C. residents are all on the docket for this week’s Below the Fold. For her Below the Fold, Haley Dunn says American and Canadian diplomats who fell ill in Cuba are suffering from new neurological syndromes. Eli Richman reports that rates of tax refund fraud, where scammers file other peoples’ taxes to receive the return, are increasing. Lastly, Katherine Lundie says President Trump wants to eliminate the D.C. Tuition Aid Program, or DCTAG, which gives D.C. students funding to attend college outside of the city.

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Below the Fold - Standard Graphic


See the sources:

Haley Dunn: U.S. diplomats in Cuba have unusual brain syndrome, but there’s no proof they were attacked, study says, Science Magazine

Eli Richman: The Rise in State Tax Refund Fraud, Krebs on Security

Katherine Lundie: Trump wants to eliminate federal funding for D.C. tuition aid program, The Washington Post


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