GW WonkCast S3E4-1: Below the Fold

Protests and law suits are abound in this week’s Below the Fold. Gay rights groups are pressuring Amazon not to build its second headquarters in a state that does not protect its residents from discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity. A satanic temple is suing Missouri for its abortion law, saying it violates their religious beliefs. Last week’s guest MPA Bryan  Yannantuono, Moderator Jessica Blackband, and former GW WonkCast co-Hosts Adam Brooks and Haley Dunn discuss.

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Below the Fold - Standard Graphic


See the sources:

Adam Brooks: Gay-rights groups say Amazon should avoid these 9 cities for second headquarters, USA Today

Haley Dunn: Satanists say rules in Missouri’s strict abortion law violate their religious beliefs, CNBC

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