GW WonkCast S3E3-3: Above the Fold

The second episode of Above the Fold covers two pieces of breaking news: the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy and the scandal of improperly received diplomas in the D.C. public school system. A report stated one-third of the class of 2017 high school graduates did not meet attendance and graduation requirements, and in some cases students were illiterate. Recorded live at GW’s radio station WRGW, co-Host Gabe Moss joins Harris Kay and Robert O’Shaughnessy from the WRGW News team. Tune in for an explanation of DACA and its policy implications.

Above the Fold: Everyday events in the news are driven by policy in both obvious and unexpected ways. Join the GW WonkCast team live on air with WRGW News to hear where policy and breaking news intersect.

Listen live on Fridays from 6:30-7:00 p.m. on WRGW’s website and on iHeartRadio!



Sources on DACA:

Bitter immigration fight is no closer to ending after budget deal passes, CNBC

Anger rises from left as DACA left out of budget deal again, CNN

Speaker Ryan says DACA immigration debate ‘next big priority,’ LA Times

Military wins, DACA recipients lose in rumored Senate budget deal, Think Progress

After Brief Shutdown, Budget Passes, Immigration Fight Looms, Real Clear Politics

Paul Ryan, cornered on immigration, defers to Trump, Washington Examiner


Sources on D.C. graduation issue:

Once a national model, now D.C. public schools target of FBI investigation, The Washington Post

Solving D.C.’s Graduation Rate Issues Must Go Beyond ‘Superficial’ Say City Leaders, WAMU


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