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GW WonkCast S3E11-1: Below the Fold: Tariffs with China, Sacramento Police Pay District Attorney Following Killing, and a Rollback on Methane Regulation

Our three stories follow policy news hidden beneath the headlines. co-Host Eli Richman digs into tariffs on Chinese products. What does a trade deficit mean and why are folks upset about it? co-Host Gabe Moss explains that following the killing of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, the Sacramento Police Officers Association paid the District Attorney. Lastly, […]

GW WonkCast S3E5-1: Below the Fold: NYC Turnstile Jumping and Nuclear Waste Storage

This week’s Below the Fold covers policies toward turnstile jumpers in the NYC subway and a petition for assurance that nuclear fuel will be stored safely for 1,000 years. co-Hosts Natalia Abrahams and Erik LaDue weigh policy options on both topics with last week’s guest and Editor-in-Chief of the International Affairs Review Ian Hutchinson. Our […]

Why Energy Experts are Excited about Batteries

Charles Landau, MPA, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The U.S. is increasingly investing in a future where more of our energy comes from renewable sources. Because these sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power are intermittent and unreliable, energy innovators also need to invest in creating batteries that can store renewable energy when society’s needs […]

Beating Europe’s Addiction to Russian Oil and Gas

Matthew Dotzler, MPP, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The fight for the soul of Eastern Europe has continued since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the rise of the Russian Federation. The former Soviet states have come far since being released from the shackles of the USSR, but their independence and freedom is always under […]

The Polar Vortex of 2014 is Still Changing How We Use Energy

Charles Landau, MPA, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives In early 2014,  a long, dry, cold spell, dubbed the polar vortex hit the Eastern United States. PJM, a regional power grid operator that primarily covers Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, experienced record-setting demand for power and adverse market conditions, which forced the company to take an unusually high […]

Getting Small with Microgrids: Standards for Cybersecurity and Efficiency

By Charles Landau, MPA & Kevin Sullivan, MPA Winter Blockbuster It’s an overused Hollywood trope: somewhere in a filthy bungalow, a punkish, brooding twentysomething math genius is typing inscrutable white lines of gobbledygook onto a black background. A questionable selection of metal or electronic dance music plays in the background while the young cyberwarrior aggressively sucks […]

Backpedaling Our Energy Policy

Charles Landau, MPA, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The next administration has promised to reverse course on several centerpiece energy policies of recent years. Besides the politics behind doing so, let’s take a look at what the effects and consequences of backpedaling would be. The biggest changes will focus on two interconnected policy decisions, the Clean […]