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Submissions to Brief Policy Perspectives are open to any member of the Trachtenberg School community: current students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Submission guidelines:

  • Please limit your submission to no more than 1000 words unless you receive prior approval from the editorial team.
  • Keep the focus on policy, not politics.
    1. A good question to keep in mind when writing your article is “What are the policy implications?”
    2. We will accept submissions that discuss the political feasibility of a getting a policy initiative passed, or that discuss different partisan approaches to a issue.
    3. We will not accept overtly political and partisan content.
  • Write about something you are passionate about! Brief Policy Perspectives should be considered a forum to educate and inform others about a policy area that’s important to you.
  • Be respectful.  We hope the content on Brief Policy Perspectives generates debate and exchange of ideas; just remember to keep it civil.
  • Use headings and subheadings where appropriate to help the reader follow your argument.
  • Please cite by using hyperlinks in-text. See existing posts for examples.

Content currently accepted by Brief Policy Perspectives includes the following:

  • Policy brief: a short summary of the issue, the relevant policy options to deal with the issue, and a recommended option
  • Opinion piece: an informed personal opinion on existing or forthcoming policy
  • Article review: a review of long form articles (think feature pieces in something like The Atlantic or the New York Times Magazine). Please include a link to the article you are reviewing.
  • Event recap: a description of policy-related events (speeches, debates, lectures, hearings, etc.)
  • Interview: a conversation with someone who works in the policy space. Please indicate when an answer was paraphrased or quoted verbatim.

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