GW WonkCast S3E13-1: Below the Fold: Medicare Legislation and Proposed Changes to Immigration Policy

In this Below the Fold, first learn about “Choose Medicare” legislation by Senators Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Jeff Merkley of Oregon that would allow individuals and businesses to purchase Medicare plans. Next, learn about a proposal from the Department of Homeland Security to add a public charge to immigration applicants, meaning a charge in the application to account for public services applicants would receive once in country. Learn what both #belowthefold policies mean for stakeholders with co-Hosts Erik LaDue, Katherine Lundie, and Eli Richman.

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See the sources:

Eli Richman: Sen. Chris Murphy Promotes “Choose Medicare” Legislation, Hartford Courant

Katherine Lundie: Exclusive: Trump’s draft plan to punish legal immigrants for sending US-born kids to Head Start, Vox

Trump proposal would penalize immigrants who use tax credits and other benefits, The Washington Post

Spooked by Trump Proposals, Immigrants Abandon Public Nutrition Services, The New York Times

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