GW WonkCast S3E12-2: Above the Fold: U.S. and North Korea Status Update

For the last Above the Fold of the semester, co-Host Erik LaDue and MPP Abigail Johnson join WRGW News anchor Robert O’Shaughnessy to discuss the latest developments between the U.S. and North Korea. The administration made a historic announcement in March when it announced President Trump would meet with North Korean leader Kim John Un. Since the announcement, the Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and CIA Director have all changed. Will North Korea go back on its willingness to denuclearize without conditions? 

Above the Fold: Everyday events in the news are driven by policy in both obvious and unexpected ways. Join the GW WonkCast team live on air with WRGW News to hear where policy and breaking news intersect.



Relevant sources:

Sanctions Are Hurting North Korea. Can They Make Kim Give In? The New York Times

CIA Director Pompeo met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend, The Washington Post

North Korea drops withdrawal of US forces as condition of denuclearization, Moon says, CNN

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