GW WonkCast S3E10-1: Above the Fold: The Omnibus Bill and Higher Education

This #abovethefold discusses parts of the new omnibus bill that President Trump signed before the Easter recess. Specifically, what does this new spending bill do for higher education in this country? If you are an undergrad, graduate, or future college or university student, listen up! Hear about changes to the Pell grant, work study, and public service loan forgiveness, as well as effects the bill has on immigration policy. co-Host Kat Lundie and GW MPP Shelbe Klebs join WRGW News anchors Harris Kay, Matthew Williams, and Robert O’Shaughnessy.

Above the Fold: Everyday events in the news are driven by policy in both obvious and unexpected ways. Join the GW WonkCast team live on air with WRGW News to hear where policy and breaking news intersect.

Listen live on Fridays from 6:30-7:00 p.m. on WRGW’s website and on iHeartRadio!



Relevant sources:

About the omnibus in general:

Overview: Where the Omnibus Money Is Going, Roll Call

Winners and losers from the $1.3T omnibus, The Hill

About the omnibus and higher education:

President Signs Omnibus Spending Bill Boosting Funds for Student Aid, Research, American Council on Education

New Boost for Student Aid and Research, Inside Higher Education

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