GW WonkCast Season 3 Premier: Living in the Nation’s Capital

The premier of GW WonkCast Season 3 dives into an issue straight at the heart of the nation’s capital: affordable housing and homelessness. Trachtenberg MPP Tinsae Gebriel, who focuses on urban policy, joins moderator Jessica Blackband and co-Hosts Natalia Abrahams and Gabe Moss to discuss how D.C. demographics have changed over time, what makes affordability and homelessness challenging in D.C., and what policies have been attempted and their shortcomings. For young professionals and students, don’t miss this episode’s discussion of your role in gentrification and how you can be a part of the solution.

Gabe reminds us it’s easy for residents to attend a D.C. Council meeting and share their ideas for the district.

Tinsae recommends getting involved with ONE DC – Organizing Neighborhood Equality.

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