GW Wonkcast Episode 4: Expanding Teacher Diversity

Join us this week as we discuss the importance of teacher diversity as well as other topics including what the Trump Administration’s proposed loan policy means for you, whether Jeff Session’s sentencing memo is a leap backwards, and the titillating prospect of the first Pentagon audit. MPP candidate Mirel Herrera joins our usual ragtag team of Elizabeth Morehead, Adam Brooks, and Haley Dunn to share her insights.

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Want to learn more about the topics discussed in this week’s episode? Check out our sources below:
Adam Brook – Defense acquisition and the Section 809 Panel, Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations
Haley Dunn – First time Pentagon audit, The Atlantic
Elizabeth Morehead – JPMorgan and corporate responsibility in Detroit, JPMorgan Case and Co.
Find a second link on the subject here, JPMorgan Case and Co.
All contributors – Trump Administration’s plan to reshape loan policy, The Washington Post
GW WonkCast, because policy matters. From under-the-radar regulations to innovations in social policy, the Trachtenberg GW WonkCast team will cover it all in a fun and digestible format.

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