GW Wonkcast Episode 2: The Plight of the Unpaid Intern

Introducing Episode 2 of GW WonkCast, a podcast that’ll help you navigate the wonky world of policy so you don’t get lost in the weeds.


Episode 2: The Plight of the Unpaid Intern

This week, special guest Pam Derck joins our team to discuss unpaid internships and how they can lead to discrimination and exploitation of university students. Tune in for a lively discussion with our regular contributors Haley Dunn and Adam Brooks, guided by our faithful moderator Nathan Rupp.

For further reading, check out the news stories our team referenced in this week’s segment of “Below the Fold”:

Adam Brook – US Air Force F-35As land in Estonia, from Defense News

Haley Dunn – The End of Foreign Aid As We Know It, from Foreign Policy

Nathan Rupp – Russia’s new scapegoats, from Reveal

Pam Derck – Trump’s ‘Mexico City Policy’ or ‘Global Gag Rule‘, from Human Rights Watch

Also check out Pay Our Interns, a nonprofit campaign started by D.C. university students to fight for the rights of unpaid interns around the country.

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