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Diversity in Schools: The Real Solution to DC’s Achievement Gap?

Kerry Belodoff, MPP, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives There is increasing evidence that school diversity has important cognitive and social benefits for all students. Beyond academic outcomes, diverse schools better prepare students to positively contribute in an increasingly diverse nation. In the wake of recent events that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, we need […]

Spanish Dual Language Programs Could be the Answer for DC English Language Learners

Ashlynn Profit, MPA, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Although K-12 student test scores are on the rise in the District of Columbia across subgroups (e.g. racial ethnic groups, homeless students, students enrolled in special education), achievement gaps still exist throughout the nation’s capital. One group that’s falling behind is English Language Learners (ELLs). In 2014, […]

ESSA Moves Education Forward, but NCLB Shouldn’t be Completely Left Behind

Kerry Belodoff, MPP, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives In a bipartisan effort that President Obama called a “Christmas miracle,” the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed in mid-December after eight years of delay, replacing the much–maligned No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. ESSA marks a considerable shift in authority over education, providing states and […]

Zero-Tolerance for Black Girls

Ashlynn Profit, MPA, Staff Writer Brief Policy Perspectives The video of a school police officer brutally assaulting a black girl drew the world’s attention to the harsh reality of zero-tolerance school discipline. Presumably most students are not subjected to this type of abuse, but the incident should call our attention to how our students, particularly black […]

New Financial Aid Rule A ‘Big Win’ For Students

Ashlynn Profit, MPA, Staff Writer Brief Policy Perspectives While the Obama administration’s adoption of “prior-prior-year” will simplify the federal financial aid application process for students, it could create more barriers if states and institutions don’t follow. As the federal government prepares to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, many proposals for simplifying the headache-inducing process of […]

Trachtenberg Professor Dylan Conger Studies How New AP Science Courses Advance Student Outcomes and Interest in STEM

Kerry Belodoff, MPP, Staff Writer Brief Policy Perspectives Every year millions of American high school students take advanced placement (AP) courses to engage in more rigorous academic content and improve their chances of getting into a top college. Two and a half million students took at least one AP course in 2015, with participation in […]