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Arguments For and Against the Equal Rights Amendment

Sydney Hamilton, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives When discussions surrounding feminism occur, the conversation often turns to the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). While it may seem like the ERA would be universally supported and desired by all feminists, this is not the case. A feminist, as used in this article, is someone who supports women’s […]

Let’s Get Real: Perspectives on the Fed’s Real-Time Payment Processing Initiative

Kim Wilson, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently announced plans to develop a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system. FedNow ServiceSM will facilitate the instantaneous transfer of funds between financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. Currently, the process of transferring funds from an originator to a recipient can take several days, leaving consumers hanging […]

Below the Fold S5E1: Medicare for All and the Paris Climate Accords

Join Co-Hosts Fania Jean, Eli Richman, and Sean Parker for an in-depth discussion of two issues that will certainly headline the upcoming 2020 elections. Preston Bruce edited this episode. Relevant Links: Here’s How Warren Finds $20.5 Trillion to Pay for ‘Medicare For All’ Elizabeth Warren Proposes $20.5 Trillion Health Care Plan Trump Serves Notice to […]

Understanding Surprise Billing in America

Niloofar Asgari, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Anyone who has interacted with the American healthcare system knows how stress-inducing paying for healthcare can be. This stress is magnified when families are unable to anticipate the charges that appear on a medical bill due to unclear health network designations. This issue is broadly known as […]

Consent Education in a Post #MeToo World

Olivia Shaffett, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives With one in three women and one in six men projected to experience some form of contact sexual abuse in their lifetimes, sexual violence remains a prevalent issue in American society. Recent cultural events like the #MeToo movement have brought further attention to the issue and have created a […]

USMCA Attempts To Expand Internet Immunity Provisions To Other Countries

Madison Grady, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives When President Bill Clinton signed the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) into law in 1993, the World Wide Web had just been placed in the public domain, the first web browser Mosaic 1.0 was released, and the iPhone was still 15 years away. The digital sphere was still […]

Cults and Religious Freedom in the United States

Catherine Kaufman, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives The United States is fascinated by cults. Television series are full of references—cults are present in every genre, from comedy and crime to horror and documentary. Cults are in the headlines too, with the recent NXIVM trials capturing America’s attention. With varying degrees of opposition, cults have been present in American society since its inception. Given the hysteria […]