Monthly Archives: March 2020

Left Behind: The Need For Program Evaluation In Women’s Incarceration

Kaid Ray-Tipton, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Marginalized and Forgotten  Incarceration captures society’s most marginalized people. The vast majority of America’s carceral facilities are filled with men–89 percent of the country’s total incarcerated population–and much of the attention on corrections focuses on men. The overwhelming majority of incarcerated men overshadow how confinement uniquely affects non-binary individuals, transgender […]

Can Public Policy Make Youth Football Safer?

Catherine Kaufman, MPA Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Super Bowl LIV was a huge event and a historic win for the Kansas City Chiefs. About 149 million viewers tuned in to the game, and many gathered with friends and family to cheer on their favorite team. But for some Americans, the game was overshadowed by the knowledge that […]

Liquidity Concerns and the Fed’s Expanding Role in the Repo Market

Kim Wilson, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Since Sept. 2019, financial markets reporting has covered turmoil in the repo market. Not to be confused with cars being repossessed for nonpayment, the repo market refers to exchanges of reserves that fund day-to-day financial operations. Short for repurchase agreement, a “repo” is a short-term, collateralized loan that banks and other […]