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Better Than the Minimum Wage – Refundable Tax Credits and the Earned Income Tax Credit

Conor McGrath, MPA, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives A debate over raising the minimum wage has recently found its way into the 2016 Presidential Debate. Among the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have promised to raise the national minimum wage to $15 per hour, up from the current […]

World Bank Program Overview: Republic of Tajikistan for a Second Public Finance Management Modernization Project

Zhao Zhai, MPP, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives Introduction The Republic of Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia. Following six years of civil war, in 1997, Tajikistan’s government established political stability and sought international assistance to grow the country’s economy. The Second Public Finance Management Modernization Project is an effort by the World Bank […]

Sequestration: An Extreme Consequence of Congress’ Ineffectuality

Annette Beck, MPA Introduction Sequesters are designed to reduce spending, however they often fail in this regard and instead create real harms: endangering public safety, forcing federal agencies to furlough their employees, and creating a climate where politicians can game the budget system Congress should either amend sequestration’s terms, or repeal it and replace it […]

Do Democrats Also Engage in Voter Suppression?

Jerry Wei, MPP Tuesday, November 3, 2015 was Election Day in America.  What was at stake? These were local and state elections, including a high profile fight over discrimination. State, and in particular local elections are notorious for low-turnout, mostly because these elections are scheduled “off-cycle,” – that is, held in years when national-level elections […]

Understanding the Growing Threat of Islamic Extremism in Russia

Andre Avanessians, MPP, Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives During a recent House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearing, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Congressman Albio Sires (D-NJ), and a panel of experts discussed the extent of Islamic extremism within Russia, and its impact on Putin’s domestic policy decisions. Although no policy recommendations were made, Russia’s recent military actions […]